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January 2018 Monthly Meeting

January 12 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The monthly gathering of the Winnipeg RASC. This meeting is free to attend and open to anyone!

Meeting Agenda

  • Beginner’s Session – How to Find Stuff in the Sky
  • What’s Up? – An overview of what you can see in the current night sky
  • What’s New? – News stories from the science of astronomy
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Refreshment break
  • Featured Presentation

Featured Presentation – Globular Clusters and Their Weird Binary Stars

Our featured presentation for January will be given by Craig Heinke from the University of Alberta.


Globular clusters are old, dense conglomerations of stars, which are also unique physical laboratories. The denser globular clusters have stars packed so tightly together that stars occasionally collide with each other. More often, binary stars (pairs of stars orbiting around each other) have their orbits disrupted by other stars, leading to the replacement of one star in the binary with the intruder star and the formation of unusual binaries. Binaries including extremely dense dead stars, like neutron stars or black holes, can produce X-ray binaries, where the dense star steals mass from its companion. As the matter spirals down from the companion to the dead star, it heats up to millions of degrees and emits X-rays, permitting us to study these exotic systems.

About the Speaker:

Craig Heinke is an associate professor of physics at the U. of Alberta. His research focuses on neutron stars, X-ray binaries, and globular clusters. Dr. Heinke uses a range of telescopes, particularly X-ray observatories, but also optical, infrared, and radio telescopes. He did his PhD at Harvard, and postdocs at Northwestern University (Illinois) and the University of Virginia, before joining the U. of Alberta in 2008.



January 12
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Robert B. Schultz Lecture Theatre
92 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M7 Canada



Regular Events

Every second Friday of the month, we host our monthly meetings. They are free and open for all to attend, and are located in the Robert Schultz Lecture Theatre at St. John’s College in the U of M.

Meetings start at 7pm with our Beginner’s talk, which are designed for novice astronomers who are just beginning in the hobby. Then, we have updates on the latest astronomical news, and also discuss what is up to observe in the night sky that month. The main talk typically runs from 9pm to 10pm, where we have a variety of guest speakers who share their knowledge and expertise of astronomy.

Near the end of each summer, the Winnipeg RASC holds its annual Spruce Woods Star Party, held at Spruce Woods Provincial Park near Carberry, Manitoba. All current RASC members are welcome to join for a weekend of astronomy workshops and long nights of observing.