Council and Appointed Positions

The Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is governed by an elected Council consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 Councillors. In addition to the elected Council, every year the Council, once elections are concluded, appoint Centre members to non-voting appointed positions consisting of a National Representative, a Spruce Woods Star Party Organizer, a Newsletter Editor, a Webmaster, a Membership Coordinator, a Observatory Director, and an Education Coordinator. Past-President is a non-voting role occupied by the immediate past President of the Centre to provide continuity. Similarly, Councillor positions are staggered to also assist in providing continuity on Council.

Current members of Council are as follows. Click on the member name to send an email.

Council PositionName
PresidentDennis Lyons
Vice-PresidentJudy Anderson
SecretaryEd Wright
TreasurerAbdul Al Manni
Past PresidentBryan Stach
CouncillorMark Irvine
CouncillorMike Karakas
CouncillorKevin Galka
CouncillorMarc Sarrasin
CouncillorRussell Brown
CouncillorMichelle Boyce
CouncillorScott Young
Appointed PositionsName
National RepresentativeDennis Lyons
Newsletter EditorGord Tulloch
WebmastersRussell Brown / Marc Sarrasin
Membership CoordinatorAbdul Al Manni
Communications OfficerEd Wright
Nominating Committee ChairBryan Stach
Finance Committee ChairAbdul Al Manni
Observatory Committee ChairRussell Brown
Loaner Scope CoordinatorMike Karakas
Education Coordinator (Interim)Judy Anderson

Spruce Woods Star Party Organizer

Silvia Graca