The volatile nature of the cosmos also means that there are myriad astronomical events happening all year round, which can make for a busy calendar for the amateur astronomer! On top of our regular monthly meetings and observing events, we’ve compiled a list of interesting celestial occurrences so you can plan your observing ahead of time. For the largest of these, we typically arrange special observing events in an official capacity, which will be posted here.

Upcoming Events

Regular Events

Monthly Meetings

Held every second Friday of the month, our monthly meetings are free and open for all to attend. Join us at the Robert Schultz Lecture Theatre at St. John’s College in the U of M.

Meetings start at 7pm with our Beginner’s talk, which are designed for novice astronomers who are just beginning in the hobby. Then, we have updates on the latest astronomical news, and also discuss what is up to observe in the night sky that month. The main talk typically runs from 9pm to 10pm, where we have a variety of guest speakers who share their knowledge and expertise of astronomy.

Many of our past meetings are available on our YouTube channel, if you'd like to get an idea of what the meetings are like, or just need to catch up on a talk you missed. Please see below for meeting videos that are available.

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Members' Observing Nights

RASC members are invited to use the observatory at Glenlea on the Saturday night following the monthly meeting. Bring your telescope and set up on the observing pad to take advantage of the relatively dark skies and warm room facilities south of Winnipeg, or take a look through our Meade LX200 with live guidance and training from the RASC Observatory Director.

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