Mentorship Program

The RASC Winnipeg Centre is pleased to provide a mentorship program for our members, new and old.

The RASC Mentorship program helps new club members get the right start in astronomy by pairing them up with a more experienced club member. New members can expect assistance with choosing, setting up and using new equipment, learning to navigate the night sky, as well as practical outings throughout the year to get hands-on experience at the eyepiece.

Learning modules offered for the program include: Star-hopping and learning the night sky, astrophotography basics and using a camera for shooting the sky, setting up a GEM (German Equatorial) Mount, Binocular observing and how to choose binoculars suitable for skygazing, Optical collimation and care, DSO (Deep Sky Object) observing, planetary/lunar/solar observing, introductory astrometry on variable and multiple stars, assitance with the RASC National Explore programs, and much more.

Recent Events

Our March 7, 2020 Indoor Mentor Session welcomed about 2 dozen total attendees, including a new recent member, and 5 mentors, for an afternoon of mentorship at the U of M. Big thanks to Davidian, Stan, Bryan, Abdul, Kaeren and Sam for helping to make this exactly what the folks needed!