RASC Winnipeg Centre Internal

These pages are for internal RASC Winnipeg Centre information and postings. Only members have access to these pages. If you have any questions or comments regarding the information contained herein, please feel free to contact a member of Council.

Council and Appointed Positions

The RASC Winnipeg Centre governing structure consists of a Council and some additional appointed positions.

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Bylaws, Centre Policies and Procedures Manual, and other Corporate Documents

The RASC Winnipeg Centre is pleased to provide members access to the core documents under which the Centre is organized and operated

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

This area contains meeting minutes posted by Council as well as any sub-committees either required within our bylaws or struck as needed by the Council

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Image Galleries

This area contains private image galleries of member events. Please do not share these images without the permission of the subject and contributer

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mentorship program

RASC Winnipeg Centre has created a Mentorship program to help members new and old to get the most out of their Astronomy experience!

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Historical Archives

RASC Winnipeg Centre has been in continuous existence since 1911. This section contains documents that have been collected from our illustrious past!

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