RASC Winnipeg Communications

The RASC Winnipeg Centre uses a variety of communication mechanisms to pass along important information to our members and the public


The Forums on the web site are to be replaced by combined email/forum lists hosted on Groups.Io. They will continue to be available until October 2022 when the license expires for the software used. You can access them here.

Mail/Forum Groups

Combined email list and forum groups available on Groups.Io. To subscribe click on the Subscribe link and send a blank email. You will receive a confirmation via email. To unsubscribe click on the Unsubscribe link. To access the group's forum page click on the Forum Link. Both access methods interchangeably can be used as is convenient.

Group Description Click to Subscribe Click to Unsubscribe Forum Links
RASC-WPG General discussions Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum Link
RASC-WPG-ASTROPHOTO Astrophotos and discussions Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum Link
RASC-WPG-BUYSELL Buy/Sell listings by members Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum Link
RASC-WPG-BINO Binocular Interest Group Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum Link
RASC-WPG-PUBLIC Public Announcement List Subscribe Unsubscribe Forum Link

Please invite anyone interested in RASC events and programs to the RASC-WPG-PUBLIC list!

The former RASC-WPG listserv at the University of Manitoba archive is located at http://lists.umanitoba.ca/pipermail/rasc-wpg/


The RASC Winnipeg Facebook Site can be accessed here.